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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Connect


Sometimes I hop on camera and talk to the people! Come threw and be entertained ask questions all that. Make an account or get on guest mode! Either way watch the full movie ... Thanks         

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Miari Byrd -
"London's Life the muthaf'n documentary! Lovin it"

Amber Scoofie Henderson - "The movie is amazing. So real. Everything that documents need to consist of. I believe this is your God given be blessed..."

Kourtney Murphy - "Hands down best doc. ive seen in a while!!!!I really REALLY liked it!I learned alot about you in those 21 minutes that i never knew gets 2 thumbs up!!lol "

Christopher Rodriguez - "It was really is one of the best ones ive seen in a minute.keep it up. "

Enrique BriceƱo Pot - "Great work! Thank you for sharing, Jahaan!"

Best Wishes, Sylwia-
"Thanks for the last chance. If only I dared share in such honesty. It is amazing and can only be a plus to others. It is beyond guts, I think it's true growth.
Cinematography is great, no doubt. Characters are very photogenic, or is it called videogenic? Synchronisity is good on captions (subtitles). Again, the topic's raw honesty brings it home. Presentation: real drama with some humor intertwined. I guess all I have to do is follow your blog now ; )Unfortunately, I think I'm still stuck in that life stage with my parents (and I'm a decade older than you!!). Oh, boy. I have some growing to do! "

Meco - "I wanted to see your movie as much as i wanted to see Harry Potter lol! Yeah 5M's it doesnt stop nor slow down"

Rasheda Earl -
"Yes it was sooo good!!!! I started to cry when you was talking about your mom losing custody of yall. For real that shit was deepWhen is part 2? This is like a good book and Im maaaadddd anxious to find out whats gonna happen......Im proud of you Jahaan I know life is hard right now and shit just doesnt always happen the way things are supposed to but I think we gonna be somebody soon"

Emma Abosi - "So...i just got done watchin that movie. it was VERY good/interesting. I kinda didnt want it to end lol cuz i got so into it. very nice work :-) "
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